Healing – a process

We’ve all felt it. Loss, hardship, heartbreak, grief. Loss of a job, dream, love, family member. It can feel huge and hurtful and confusing.  The question I find myself asking is what do we do with it?


Here’s a couple of things I have figured out…


We grieve. This seems obvious but can be the very last thing in the world we want to do because, well…it is hard. And it is much easier to distract ourselves with tv or ice cream or the next new thing. And that has a place for sure. But what I have noticed is that, loss leaves a wound. And because we are indeed human, we need to let it heal. That takes time, care and salve. If we don’t allow it to heal, we reinjure ourselves without intention.


Grieving is a process however and we want to be gentle and loving with ourselves while working through it, so here is what I have found to do in case it helps…


Dance. In the car, in a class, in the grocery store, at the park, wherever you are inspired to. It moves joy through us and blows the cobwebs out of our corners.


Friends. Spend time with people that hold you to our goodness and truth. Notice, I am not talking just anyone here, but real friends that support your wholeness and healing (and that make you laugh).


Be a friend. In times of hardship, sometimes it is hard to do anything. But,  it’s very probable that someone is having a harder time than you. Reach out and hug them, literally if possible.


Give. One of the things that I have found the most remarkable in my life is how it feels to give. Baking cakes, filling the house with candles, writing a heart on a lunchbox napkin. This is richness beyond what any loss can ever take away.


To my kids, to my friends, thank you for showing me this.


I share this from one heart to another. I hope it helps. Bless…


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