Creating Newness in January

It’s January! The time of new beginnings. In Olympia, it’s currently the time of snow (which is a big deal for us here).

As the snow covers our typically green landscape with with a blanket of white newness, I am reminded of what things I could like to make new. I am not fan of writing new year’s resolutions once a year that will quickly be forgotten. I enjoy the process of reflecting on the joys and challenges throughout the year and crafting new intentions built on what I learned. That said, January has a good feel for creating things anew.

This past year had a lot of good learnings. I enjoy expressing gratitude for the past year, writing down what really went well and what I  learned. For me, it is important to release the things that didn’t work. I do this by writing them down and burning them in the firepit in the back yard.  The act of writing, lighting afire, burning and watching these experiences dissipate into the vastness of the sky is very cleansing for me. This process makes space for me to welcome newness into my life.

When I think about newness and what I want to create in this year, I generate questions to guide me. Here are a few of them to get you percolating on what you would like to create in this year…

1. What do you want to create in this new year that is * just for you*?

2. In December of the new year, what would you like to say you have worked on this year?

3. What new thing are you going to learn this year? What hobby/skill/trait would you like to focus on improving?

4. How are you going to make the most of this year? What do you need to be able to make the most of it?

5. If you had a wish for this year, what would it be? How can you turn it into reality?

The kids and I created resolutions together this year and we all have them posted by our beds. I think the term “resolutions” is just a glorified way of saying, “What do I choose to focus my energy towards?” . It’s a great question and we should do it throughout the year.

From the above questions, I discovered that this year will be focused on spending quality time with my kids, falling in love with food again, creating a vibrant community, spending time being creative, and slowing things down. These resolutions are simple and yet powerful for me. I will forget from time to time and fed my kids chicken nuggets because I am a stressball but these intentions are created. And once created, life, the universe, whatever truths you believe in, can step in and support them.

Today, I made a lentil veggie stir fry for lunch, spend time with my kids reading, shoveling snow and baking, talked with a friend, wrote two blog posts and now…I am taking a nap. Pretty good for work on resolutions for this day. Here is knowing that you have the power to create whatever intentions you like.  Happy New Year!


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