Snow lemonade

Day Three snowed in with a sick little guy. He has the hiccups and is lying on my queen size bed looking like a little boy shaped pillow amidst the warm blankets. I have done all of the mommy things to make him feel better, water and juice, warm bath, hugs and books and cozy time. I think he is on the mend.

I check facebook and see the power is out and trees are falling in people’s yards from the freezing rain on top of 2 feet of snow. My friends are posting things about “cabin fever” and how icy it is.

What do we do when the world gives us situations like these? We may feel anxious, freaked out, afraid. Or we can channel that energy for good. I’m not suggesting we gloss over these emotions, by all means recognize them but then you can choose to marinade in them or move that energy. I’m choose movement.

Day 1: 2 blog posts, made pretzel letters, made a huge snow hill, shoveled and shoveled and shoveled.

Day 2: 1 blog post, lots of caring for a little guy, mugs and mugs of tea, organized his room while he snuggled in bed, scrumptious dinner of lentils, broccoli and rice with fruit and chocolate fondue for dessert.

Day 3: Motivate children to pick up the house after days of playing instead, snuggle little guy, write a blog post, bake something and do some yoga.

We are all doing this, making lemonade out of snow and a few lemons. I would just like to acknowledge that even though people have cabin fever and it’s cold outside, we are incredibly creative and we can make this experience as delicious as we desire. Just take your lemons (whatever they are for you), something sweet and snow. Mix and enjoy!


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