Chronicles of a Female Superhero – Lava learning

It may surprise you but today, in Olympia, WA…the carpet in our house turned into LAVA. While this might concern the average person, this is just another day in the life of our superhero and her gang.

We first discovered the lava when after dinner, when the carpet suddenly melted into lava. Shocked, the gang quickly jumped on the the furniture. Knowing it was not OK to jump on the couches, the gang came up with a plan of escape…

Paper plates! Two per customer will protect us because… they are not really plates! They are Lava rocks. Slowly, expertly they gang teamed up to figure out how to get from one end of the house to another. 1 plate on the ground, step on it, put the other plate in front of you on the ground, step on the new plate, grab the old plate, continue doing this until you reach your destination.

Well, somehow, with a lot of teamwork they made it. I am not surprised really, they are superkids.

Working hard together, they made it to their final destination. The gang arrived for their bedtime story with pajamas on and teeth brushed. And that was a miracle in itself. But the superkids did it THROUGH the lava.

Stay tuned for the next adventures in the Chronicles of a Female Superhero!


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