Coming Home

We all have times when we feel it. The sense that we have been out at sea on a long voyage, we glimpse land in the distance, or at least sense it.

Today, I landed. Right smack in the middle of my life, home. I’d been searching for a long time.

I felt it, in my skin, my bones, my heart, this place of love and wholeness that I  had been searching for was here, all along.

Wanna feel it too? Stop what you are doing. Stop the rat race and sit. It is there. Home.

I have been on vacation for a week. The first vacation I have been on in years. It’s a staycation with a lot of forced lying around because of a back injury. Thank God. I have exhaled more in the last week than in the last several years. I can feel the in and out, the dance of breathing that is my specific rhythm. I am been trying other peoples rhythms for years.

I didn’t know any other way to be. I became a chameleon. What color would you like me to turn into? Gray? Sure. Even though I do not like gray. At all.

What makes a person lose their north star? Take your pick of choices. Whether it be, busyness, addiction, fear, the state of the world, codependence, heredity, poverty. Whatever your flavor is, it is our job, in my opinion to define who we choose to be – our truth, our version of true humanity.

How do we do that with our busy lives and responsibilities?

Be bored. Set aside 5 minutes a day – or more if you have it – to not do anything. Be bored. Sit with your boredom and see what wants to come up. If we don’t create space for our knowing and creativity to grow, it won’t.

Create time. Make a time inventory. How much time to you waste watching tv, on facebook or taking to your friends on the phone. If that is serving you, great keep at it. If not, choose to cut back on some of those activities to make room to grow.

Grow something. A plant, a garden, a flower. They act of watching it grow will remind you of your intention to get to know yourself. The act of watering it will remind you to nourish yourself and be patient with your own growth.

Play. Remember when we learned about ourselves through play? Get on the floor with your kids, skip through the grocery store, doodle on your to do list. Act as if today was a playdate with yourself. What would you do? How would you dress? Where would you play? Get into it and have fun.

Be thankful. At the end of the day, give thanks. Count the blessings that this day has shared with you. Perhaps small or perhaps abundance, count on your fingers at toes the gifts of this day.

“Life is a challenge not a competition. You can still smell the roses and be on a mission. Just take a moment and get in touch with your heart…” -India Aire

“Home is where the heart is.”  Welcome home.


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