Steady now mama

My 4 year old has been sick for 3 days. Sore throat, tired and snuggly little man. Because I work full time and am a single mama, he has been hanging out with his grandma, being enveloped in the nurturing arms that raised me. A lovely place to hang out if you ask me. I took him to the doctor on my lunch break and he has strep throat. Immediately, I noticed my fear showing itself, how am I going to finish the grant application, will the other kids get sick, will I get sick? I reached out to friends to talk about it but no one was really available to talk. I got myself a yummy drink and my little guy a juice while we waited for his prescription. That helped a little. I was feeling overwhelmed. Like this was the an additional factor I did not need in my already full week.

And yet, it turns out…it was a gift. We never know what will bring our priorities back into focus. This little snuggly man and competing priorities of work and fear did that for me. In case I wasn’t already on the train to self awareness and what’s REALLY important in my life, I had the opportunity to go back to the pharmacy and wait… seemingly forever as they filled another prescription and meditate (or stew) in my situation.

I saw this quote today, “Sometimes we are the pigeons and sometimes we are the statues.” There are ups and downs in life, stress and ease, regardless of what the situation is… it just is. It is so easy to forget, especially if we (or our ego) is attached to our “I’m a single mama and it’s hard” story. The truth of the matter is… we’ve got this. There are times in life when we need to just hold steady. This is one of those times. I have been single mamaing for 5 years and seen all kinds of things that were challenging and… at some point I realized, it’s my choice to either put the “it’s challenging” story on repeat or create a new story. One of the amazing things about having kids is that they give you repeated opportunities to take a look at yourself and if you are living as authentically you would like. And if not, create a new story.

So here’s the beginning of my story…Once upon a time there was a rockstar mama who loved her children to the moon….


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