Magic is everywhere

The leprechauns were in our house today! They turned over furniture, left us little surprises and will probably turn our food green.
Magic is everywhere. In the sky alone we see stars, clouds, rainbows, the moon, and birds in flight.
As grownups, with our bills to pay and errands to run and other important busyness, how often to we take the time to see magic? Or further, to create magic.
Magic comes in so many ways, it’s the one day shoe sale, the necklace from a friend made out of a willow tree, it’s friends coming together, it’s laughter, it’s sleeping in, hugs from your kids and the sparkle in their little eyes.
I’m calling the childlike quality of believe in magic back into my life. I don’t think it was ever missing, but dormant for awhile, absolutely.
In my house, the kids wore green pajamas last night, one wore a green sock on her hand. There are leprechaun traps set downstairs. Their enthusiasm is so infectious, I am filled with it too.
Today is for creativity, laughter and magic. Today I will notice the magic that is all around us, everywhere.
What kind of magic are you going to create today?


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