Divine moments

My friend and I have the best conversations about God. Today, he said, “God is in us and God is in everything. Even the bad stuff. God is chaos and sorrow, God is hope and joy.”

A lot of people believe God is peace, love, serenity, wisdom… All of the attributes we see in teachers such as Jesus and Buddha. So what of his suggestion that God is in the yuck too? It’s bothered me since he said it. Which usually means there is something for me to look at there.

Is God there in our times of need and our darkest hours? Is God there in our fear? Or is God fear itself?

My answer would be, God is. Just like our breathe or our birthday or the seasons. Consistently there. Now, if we choose to pay attention, that is an entirely different question.

For a lot of us, that is a question that consumes our thoughts. How do we get more in touch with our God presence and remember… Over and over? There are so many ways to practice; yoga, meditation, gardening, hiking, writing… Part of our joy, in my opinion, is to discover what connects us to this spirit. Because by discovering this radiant wholeness within us, we are discovering our birthright.

So is God fear itself? Is she windstorms? Hurricanes? Illness? Or is that just part of the package here on earth and our work is to remember our divine birthright moment to moment?

For the moment, I choose that God is in every situation but not necessarily of it. Meaning, when my “human nature” self is afraid and I remember to breathe, God is there. When I stub my toe, God is there. When I’m late for a meeting, when my kiddo score a goal, when I’m laughing… God is there.

My work for the moment is in remembering… Over and over and over…


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