Our lives are made up of moments. Like pebbles making up a long rocky beach. We can assign values to these moments, I like this one, this one is slippery or funny looking or jagged. Regardless of their look or texture they are needed as part of the greater goal.

We are not privy to where they came from or when they will be washed out to see. Our job, in my opinion is to notice them. Appreciate them. For the are in movement and will not likely show themselves in the same arrangement again. Appreciate or at least be present, even with the ugly ones. Sometimes it’s the ugly ones that are the most interesting and lead our imagination to new creativity. Perhaps it’s the shape or color or combination of one moment next to another that makes us stop our busy and notice, really notice…

Here’s to noticing the pebbles that make up our own beach…each unique and together beautiful…


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