Chronicles of a female superhero – wild animals invited to dinner

Tonight our superhero found herself in the midst of wild animals. It was the weirdest thing.

She came home from work, kicked off her heels, started to make dinner when all of a sudden, she was transported into the jungle. There, within earshot were 3, count them 3 wild animals. They sounded like small children BUT then were not. In fact, one was a purple wolf, another a golden lion and the last a green falcon. Not only were these animals, slightly frightening with their ear piercing growls but there were also very rare and would be protected at all costs.

Somewhat afraid that she was going to be eaten she hurried to make chips and salsa, veggies and rice, so that they would eat something instead of her. Now one thing you may not know about this superhero is that while she might be apprehensive around wild animals, she always has their best interest at heart.

And so, when the golden lion only sniffed and at the chips and ate no vegetables, the our heroine jumped into full effect. Warning the no-veggie villain with her effective loooooow voice she said,”You better eat those veggies… noooow.” Frightened but not intimidated the golden lion sniffed the cabbage and tried to duck under the table. “Oh, now you don’t!” said our superhero as she scooped up the lion with her cat like reflexes. Poor guy never saw it coming. He was forced to sit in the lap of our heroine until he finished his veggies.

Ha! I believe he learned a lesson. While the animals ran off their post-dinner energy in the backyard jungle, the superhero smiled to herself and thought, “a job well done”.


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