Rockin’ people build community

It blows my mind what we as humans can accomplish. And I’m not even talking about landing on the moon n inventing Legos. I’m talking about real people that I know that amaze me. Because I’m a single mama, I happen to know a several others. One of my friends works full time for a nonprofit, goes to school full time, does side jobs, and still has time to be an amazing parent, maintain a spiritual life and volunteer. Yes, she sounds like a superstar and in my mind she is. She is an example of strength, commitment and positive energy. I think we should have a hall of fame for people like her. Kicking butt everyday to make the best life for her and her kids. But she probably wouldn’t like that because she does not think she is doing anything exemplary. Instead what she would like is more collaboration and community and I agree with her so much.
In our culture, we all seem to be so focused on our own worlds instead of the whole. I heard a story once about children in a indigenous village in the amazon. Visitors brought a box of fruit, placed it in the center of the village and said “whoever gets there first, gets it”. The children didn’t move. In their culture, the community comes before the individual. Those that seek out personal gain for themselves are considered mentally ill and taken to visit the shaman. So being creative children, they devised a plan… Joining hands, they all touched the fruit at the same time, allowing equal shares for everyone.
What if we thought of the world like that? It might mean that you pick milk for you and your neighbors when you hit the grocery store, or someone organizes a dry cleaning run or the home owners association builds a community tool shed to share tools. Different sections of us do this, we carpool and watch each others kids, and in some of the neighborhoods I have lived in, people share. But generally, it feels like it is not an foundational piece of our culture. Think of 3 people that inspire you, regular people like your coworkers or friends. If these people (who already are amazing) worked together to create a cultural of shared action, what would that look like? And wouldn’t it be amazing if these inspiring people had more time to do what they love because their more basic duties are shared? It seems to me that this would create more space for art, creative use of resources, playtime and generally happier people because they would know that the have a community that supports them. I’m taking a trip to the store, can I pick anything up for anyone? What are you offering your community today?


One thought on “Rockin’ people build community

  1. This year I’m investing time & energy into a garden after years without one. I’m thrilled about it. One of the things I’m most excited about the bounty-to-be is having a free veggies bin next to the road. I don’t know my neighbors (yet) and feel awkward asking to borrow or share things, but I hope that this first step will yield some good connections.

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