Grace and cupcakes

Did you ever have a bad day because you woke up, stubbed your toe and said, “This day is gonna suck!”? I had one of those yesterday, and it wasn’t my toe but my 5 year old stealing the covers (cute but annoying), running out of my favorite tea, etc. But the point is mostly, it’s because I told myself it was going to be a bad day. What kind of messaging is that? As I washed off the day and told myself tomorrow was going to be a new day, I realized the impact that my internal messaging had on my day. “Rite!”, I thought to myself,”my thoughts effect my feelings”. Duh. But how often to we unconsciously tell ourselves “this (job, experience, meeting, task) is gonna suck” and then surprise, surprise it does. As I sit by the lake and eat this ridiculously decadent chocolate blackberry cupcake I am thankful for grace. For grace in toe stubbing, and the gift of the new day (and for cupcakes). Can I get an Amen?


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