I often think of cool lemonade, mountain streams or soft breezes as   refreshing. And they are, re-freshing our senses. If we are overheated, thirsty or ready for a break these rejuvenate us, leaving us renewed, ready to take on the next thing in front of us to do.

So what do you do when you go through a challenging time? When lemonade and breezes just don’t cut it? When it feels as if you have been digging a ditch for a week, non-stop.

In times like these, I stop and take a lesson from the trees. Solid, steady and majestically they withstand the storms and seasons by being who they were meant to be. Rooted in truth, surrounded by community, they grow towards the sun. When the storms seem to be raging, I turn my attention to their age-old wisdom and embody their truth. Here’s somethings they continue to teach me…

Remember your roots. Deep and strong, they dig in the earth. Trace them into the rich soil, feeling more and more grounded as you do.

Feel the rain. Warm, caressing, slowly washing the stress and hurt away.

Let your leaves go. Cut loose the thoughts, feelings, shoulds, wishes and just release them towards the earth where they can decompose.

Branch out. Call your mother, sister, friend, and get talking and reaching and growing.

Feel the warmth. Like the sun warms the trunk rich bark of a tree, so too can we receive warmth. Sometimes when our are having a tough time, we get to just receive. Hugs, love, cake, walks and laughter. Soak it in.

So the next time you need to, pause and remember our friend the tree. There she is standing in her strength, roots firmly planted, letting down her leaves, branching out and receiving warmth. She is magnificent and so are you.


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