Independence Day!

Independence day!

What a cool name, let’s play and cheer for independence day is here!

It red and white and covered in blue, the skies are ablaze with ashes and hue.

In our country on this historic day, we purchase and eat and are merry and gay.

We send rockets sailing a flight in the sky, hooray “we are free” we say as they fly.

Are we, I say as we drive through the trash? What would the lorax say of this mash.

The air is so hazy, the birds can’t be found. Young children are under their mother’s night gowns.

If freedom is ours then this is our choice? To rocket, and loud and trash up our place?

Perhaps i’m old fashioned and a bit out of style but I say let’s celebrate with peace for awhile.

With reverence and quiet and thankfulness to those, that helped this great nation and for which it rose.

So tomorrow amidst the noise and the party, a will toast peacefully and say heartfully,

Thank you to those who brought freedom to this land. I will uphold your vision, together we stand.


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