Attitude adventures

Today was one of those days that turned out to be a present I didn’t know I was going to be gifted. The kids and I traveled to Seattle to meet up with some friends we had not seen in too long. One was in town from Germany.
When I awoke this morning, I was grumpy and apprehensive about driving the kids myself and having enough steam to manage everything for them and for me. Then came music. As it does frequently, it changed my day. From grumpy to game for an adventure.
We problem solved sibling issues, packed adventure bags and nicknamed ourselves for the day.
The drive to Seattle was a piece of cake. We brunched, watched boats move through the Ballard locks, met the neighborhood seal, sand castled at Golden Gardens, cupcaked at Cupcake Royale, visited with may friends (and dogs) and drove the long way home sightseeing. It was delicious. I am so proud of my crew (and myself) for our positive and adventurous spirits. This day reminded me about power of positivity and that attitude makes the difference between grumpy and game for an adventure.
So the next time I find myself worried about what might/might not happen, I will take the step that is in front of me and watch the path unfold. Today was a gift. Happy adventuring!


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