Love’s reflection

As my eyes close to rest,
I miss your breathing.
When the moon reaches high,
I look for your whispers.
When a bird calls,
I point for you to see.
When I go for a walk,
my hand curls looking for yours.
When I’m troubled,
I yearn for your arms.
When I’m joyful,
I seek your smile.
At the waterfront,
I look for your reflection
And yet,
All I see is my own.
I understand
why, when and what.
But the how eludes me.
How could we let this be?
Our vase of Fuschia peonies,
now cracked and crumbling.
Shards of glass clutter the table.
Slowly I sweep the glass
and salty tears,
telling myself the moon will rise again.
I planted a moonflower today
and I named it love.


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