Connecting with our Heartspace

It’s easier for me to connect to Heartspace when I am by myself. Quiet space, door closed, awake mind, I welcome this Heartspace connection.

As soon as the door opens, that’s when the real work begins. I just had this lovely space…and now I step on the brush my kids left on the floor. The phone rings, the laundry has to get done, breakfast has to be made, the kids need to get to school and I have that deadline at work. We all have our own scenarios like this. You can paint your own picture, I’m sure. What do we do to stay in connection to our Heartspace? With all of this “life” coming at us? I talk with people about this question of balance all the time. If there was a quick fix, I would offer it. But with divine wisdom, our lives are created such that there are not many quick fixes and therefore we have the opportunity to learn and grow. People often ask me, “How do I get started? I am so busy…tired…etc. How can I connect with Heartspace?”

We need to start right where we are. Not next Tuesday or when that project gets finished. If you are called start connecting with Heartspace, start today. Here are some helpful steps to move you closer to your Heartspace connection.

Carve out time for yourself. Everyday, at the same time, non-negotiable. You decide the length of time that fits your lifestyle. If 30 minutes seems impossible, break it up into smaller pieces. When my kids were little, this was 2 minutes in the bathroom washing my face and saying an affirmation. Now, they are older and they know that Mommy meditates in the morning and that is important.

Create a ritual. Light a candle, get your coffee, read something that inspires you, do tarot cards, say a prayer, water your plants. Whatever you choose, welcome this time with a beginning and end.

Create a spiritual toolbox. You know those magazine articles you cut out, that book of quotes you like to pick up sometimes, that prayer that heard last week and that post on facebook. Gather them together and create a spiritual toolbox. A special container, drawer, binder or cabinet that you access during your connection time. You will be surprised how you find time to read that thing you never had time to and how you find just the right thing to inspire you.

Honor your boundaries (and others will too). This means going to bed on time because your connecting with Heartspace time is a priority. It means telling your family/friends that you need time to yourself to center and connect with your greatest good. And even when the dog needs walking, the phone is ringing, you honor this boundary. For those of us that are parents, I can’t think of a better thing to teach our children, than the honoring of our connection to Heartspace.

Walk your connection. During my quiet time, I feel peaceful, loving and alive. It’s one thing to feel this (which is lovely), it’s another to do something with that information. If we are always calm and meditative and do not get our hands dirty, we are not doing our work. I heard a story ones about a monk in training. He finished his simple dinner of rice. Upon finishing, he asked his teacher, ” I am done, what should I do next Master?” “Wash your bowl,” said the Master.

Breathe. And when you do, remember your connection. Feel the warmth in your body, remember and revel in your connection time. Connect your breath to this feeling through out the day and you will notice more and more how your world reflects your connection with Heartspace.


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