Intuition as a gift

A new thought emerged yesterday. I love it when that happens. Growing up in a family of empaths, I mostly noticed the negative side of being intuitive. Constant work with boundaries, overextending oneself to help others, noticing someone else’s energy before my own. My father is a psychologist and my mother a spiritual counselor and I am an inspired life coach. We have been given gifts and we chosen roles to utilize these gifts. These gifts include the ability to sense someone’s situation, emotional blockages, energy drains, as well as heart desires, quiet wishes and their hopes. I have known these gifts unconsciously for many years. Yesterday it became more conscious. As I reviewed my day with gratitude, I gave myself permission to let the intuitive side lead instead of the “thinking” side.

I noticed the most amazing thing! From a centered place when I let my intuition inform my interactions, I could see in a different light. Instead of seeing the conference presenter as inadequate, I saw her struggling, walking from a place of ego and the walls she created in front of her heart as protection for the little girl inside that just wants to be noticed. My frustration turned to compassion instantly. I saw the angry retired state worker who said “I don’t need to change the world, I am in this for me” as a woman of service who didn’t know she had permission to take care of herself and choose to be happy. I saw my parents, my friends and even the strangers I met yesterday with compassion that still warms my heart.

We are all made of stories, experiences, wisdom and unclarity. Some stay in their stories, unconsciously playing out old patterns with new partners. Others consciously work on their stories, allowing the story’s power to dissipate and room for new ways of being to emerge. I heard recently “If you can see it, you can change it”. That goes for everyone. And the more we as intuitives can see our nature as a gift, embrace this quality and then share it with others, the more we can help ourselves and others see it, change it and live more from an openhearted place of love, everyday.



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