What did you want to do before you heard you had to “work for a living”?

When I was a little girl, I felt free. I skipped. I sang, all the time. I wanted people to smile and get along and love each other. I wanted it to be sunny all the time. I wanted people to share. I wanted things to be fair for everyone. I wanted people to see the magic in a flower and believe in fairies.

As I child I flew solo back and forth between my divorced parents houses a lot. I loved flying. I imagined myself sitting on the clouds, reading and drinking chocolate milk. It wasn’t until I was much older that I heard if I stepped outside of the plane I would fall. I was devastated. That was my special place.

As I grew, little by little I lost some of the sight of that special space, that spark. With car payments, higher education, parenting, responsibility, the news, world hunger, unemployment and on and on it became covered and forgotten.

I wondered one day, what did I want to do before I heard I had to work for a living? That question brought me right back to that space, that little spirit.

Free, happy, belief in magic, equality, sunshine and imagination.

As I realized this, I knew something was going to change. I started dancing, several different kinds, weekly. I began a life coaching certification. I advocated to do the work I loved and that I was best suited for at my current job. I finally dusted off my painting supplies. And I took my kids on a 1500 mile road trip.

So today, that little gal is back in my spirit. I am a dancing, adventuring, kid loving, life coaching, nonprofit working, imaginative woman. And that’s the answer to my question. What did you want to do before you heard you had to work for living?

P.S. Children are magic. Honor their spirits and see the magic in them.


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