A blessing in disquise

Day 3 recovering from a night of intense food poisoning. I am so sick of rice and water, I could eat an entire buffalo.

But let me start at the beginning. I am a single parent, of the solo variety… meaning their father is not involved. I have three kiddos under the age of 10. They are incredible, and also a challenge to take care of when you are throwing up.
I roll with a pretty amazing group of single mamas. In meditating the other day, I saw these women in a new light. Instead of seeing them as victims of unexpected tragedy, I saw them as warriors. Fierce, protecting, raising their children with honor, strength and sharing their love with the world. These mothers though battle scarred, wear strong, silent wisdom. Though battle weary, these women draw strength from their love for those they protect and hold dear. These women inspire the next generation to “speak truth even if your voice shakes”.

So as I whine about my situation which will soon pass, I remember these women.

They are our heroines of today. And I am proud to call them my friends.


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