Sea to land, a journey

You know, I heard this story once…
Two people met each other after their ships crashed in the wide open sea. There they were, in the middle of the ocean. Finding each other, they held on with everything they had. And then they swam, thankfully, lovingly, together. It was quite a journey. Swimming together they encountered many ups and downs. Eventually with a lot of love, support and helping each other out, they reached the shore. They were so grateful to reach land. They looked out at the ocean and breathed a sigh of relief together. Holding each other, they each shared how much they loved each other and their journey
Now on land, their legs were a little shaking. They didn’t need each other in quite the same way but they were not quite sure what to do. They knew they were on land and they needed to find their own way. They both acknowledged, however challenging it was, that they were going to do what was right for them. They would never be the same and they would never forget their journey.
From time to time, they look at the moon and thank her for putting them together. And for guiding their way. They were thankful.


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