Choose Love

It started when I was getting divorced and having our third child. I had no idea this was going to happen or what to do. The floor kinda dropped out from underneath me and fear thought it would come on in. It pointed out things I might need to be aware of or concerned about. It’s intentions were kind and loving.

It’s been 5 years since that moment.

Tonight the moon is in my window. It shines and a barn owl hoots, its sound reverberating through the suburbs, I realized something remarkable. I have a choice to live this life bound up in fear’s bubble or… To choose differently.

I have seen pain, fear, anxiety, loss and loneliness. I have seen raising 3 kids by myself with no child support or help from their father. And… I have also seen 100 pounds come off my body, countless indescribable nights of courage followed by days of strength I didn’t know I had. Man, if anybody can walk through their stuff, it is me.

It makes sense given my situation that I could be afraid. And… and I am also resilient, strong and full of positive energy. Everyday, every moment I have a choice to choose fear or to choose love. I choose love, over and over.

Whatever life shows me, I handle it. I’ve got this. And you do too. Choose love.


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