DO something

I write, lets just say… A lot. For fun, for growth, to process new ideas and generally, I love it. Writing is a very healthy tool for me.

There are times however, when it’s time to put down the writing instrument and DO something. There are the basics like taking a walk or making a kickin’ sandwich, but there are also times when it’s important to stretch outside of the comfort zone. Just because.

Get outta your head, ya know? The same thoughts, beliefs and routines just need to get shaken up and off. New sights and scenery clear the clutter and make new pathways to adventure.

Today when I had a free hour, I thought I should go write about a situation I am anxious about. But then, I noticed that was a should. Historically, I have a backpack filled with those and I am consciously unloading that, thank you very much. I decided to ask myself what I really wanted, and then do that. It turns out, I wanted to get the heck outta here. So I drove, and drove down country roads, past cows and fields, until… I exhaled. And then? I kept exhaling and eventually I begin breathing in the sweet scent of rain mixed with pine needles.

As I drove to pick up my kiddos, I had room… For more joy and more love. And my motivation was no longer to get the heck outta here, but rather to come home and fill this day with love.

So the next time you feel a backpack heavy with shoulds, DO something different. For me, it brings me a little closer to home, every time.


2 thoughts on “DO something

    • Absolutely! Doing nothing is one of my very favorite hobbies. It seems likes we use different things for different needs and moments. Writing, quiet, doing something different, all tools in our spiritual toolbox!

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