Change. It all begins with you.

heartOur lives are made of moments. Each has a different texture and essence. Some similar and others wildly different. This weekend held a new moment. One that our country hasn’t experienced in quite this way before. Innocent children gone, just like that. It took awhile for it to sink in for me. I went through the stages of shock-sadness-anger. I have kids of similar ages attending elementary school.

I have heard a lot of people feeling powerless or angry or touting ideas of reform and new laws. I have heard people retreating in fear. “What has become of this world”, I hear. It strikes me that everyone is looking to make sense of what happened and find some kind of center in the midst of chaos.

We have some crazy stuff happening in this world, and the media glorifies it. If it isn’t sexy and doesn’t sell we don’t hear about it. News about checking in and being engaged in our lives just doesn’t make people want run out and buy stuff.
We could live our entire lives in reaction to all of the external stimuli telling us how to feel, think, eat, the best mattress to sleep on and what clothes to wear. This external focus leaves us so far removed from the natural flow of life that then we feel out of balance and seek some drug, new store or treat to bring us back to center.

Here’s a tip that will save you a lot of time and money… Nothing out there is going to fix it. Nothing. Sure chocolate tastes good, that’s what it’s for but not if you use it to try and fill up the empty hole inside us all that longs for connection. Absolutely we need to make changes, talk openly with our children and show ourselves and others how to connect and how we are interconnected.

Where do we begin? Check in. Engage. If you don’t know what you want or what would help you feel balanced and connected then that is the first step. Sit and do nothing. I know that sounds strange given our messages of go, go, go all the time but give it a whirl. One of the loveliest benefits of quiet reflection is that you can really feel what needs to be felt. From this place you can send compassion to those that need it. What if we all did that? I think the world could be a different place. Try it. It all begins with you.


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