Light, Love and Parenthood

Children open hearts in unimaginable ways. Their sweet innocence, their loud exclamations of joy and sorrow. I never imagined a love this big. The kind that melts you to your knees and brings you strength you didn’t think you had.

I am so humbly grateful to be a mother. It is my honor to be the tour guide for my kids on this road called life. Pointing out new sights and things to be aware of on our journey.

Motherhood has opened a door in my heart that I didn’t know existed and that will always be open to my children. And other people’s children. They are a light that shines so brightly. I light a candle to honor that light in them, and in all of us. We have it too. It’s just covered with wrinkles, opinions, and worry.

Tonight my son created a holiday where we light candles, say what we are thankful for, read, pray in lotus position, and sing a song that he made up. He is 5 years old. What an amazing thing to be able to witness this beautiful spirit in action.

As the tears stream, I hold on to this moment. This sweet moment in a world that can be so…not sweet.

This candle honors children everyone. May they be safe, loved, warm and given the opportunity to thrive.


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