Our World, reimagined

Maybe Chicken Little was on to something, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” The world ends tomorrow, according to the Mayan calendar. I don’t desire the earth to go out as firey blaze of glory but rather, the world to change. Things are mixed up in the blue and green orb we inhabit. Time for an intervention in my opinion.

The vision of the world I had as a child or even still in my daydreams is remarkably beautiful. Sustainable, collaborative, connected, honest and founded in love. People invest in togetherness and laughter instead of mutual funds run by stressed fund managers. Children’s ideas are heard and acted on, instead of ignored because Mommy is too tired from work. Childhood dreams of being a teacher, painter, inventor develop roots and grow. Hurt and fear are held between friends are loved ones, embraced and released. Loneliness is dropped from the dictionary because no one needs to use it anymore.

For this world, this one of my vision to be created, it takes courage. It takes belief in the goodness of the unknown and reaching out instead closing in. It’s opening your home to neighbors, lending tools, visiting your great aunt in the nursing home, speaking out, sharing a casserole with new friends at the homeless shelter. It’s listening to the space in your heart that knows answers, when you uncover all of the noise of the world.

The world changing begins with opening your heart. What can it hurt to try? So many of us walk in this life mired in our own thoughts, distractions and fears. What if we take a minute, breathe and say to ourselves, “In this moment, what tiny thing could I do to make change in the world?” Yesterday, I helped an elderly women into her car after grocery shopping. And the loveliest thing happened, she smiled at me – bright and beautiful. I can still see it and  it opened my heart just a little bit more.

Go ahead, be the change and let’s create the beautiful world we envision.


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