Hustle and Bustle, or not

Today is December 21st. The solstice, the darkest day of the year and the end of the Mayan calendar. That’s quite a day! As I bought  jam at a local market, the checker said,”Getting your last minute shopping done, huh?’ Little did she know, I was just starting and the thought of being last minute freaked me out! “Oh no”, I thought! I better get going, gotta get presents! I started carving out time in my day when I could run out with everyone else in my town to buy stuff. And in a hurry!

As I picked up my kids after work today and drove across town, traffic was nuts. The line coming off the freeway to the mall was so long, one would think Santa was already in town and handing out toys. Stuck in traffic I was distracted by my thoughts of what to get for who, and how to get it all done.  And then, as the traffic slowly moved, into my view came an Ambulance with someone leaving on a stretcher. Big exhale. “Oh right,” I thought . This season is supposed to be about love, light and enjoyment moment by moment. As we passed by volunteers with big fish nets collecting money for kid’s toys, I stopped and my sons put donations in the net. I drove home, thinking a little clearer about this season and it’s purpose.

I am making gifts for my kids again this year. They are not big ticket items. But these gifts are from the heart showing their mama loves them. So as Christmas day comes closer, remember what it is you value and be thoughtful about getting lost in the bustle. Remember to light a candle to honor the light returning. What is this season about to you? For this mama, it’s Christmas cookies by the dozen, good friends, twinkly lights, putting love into gifts, singing carols and sharing time with people I love.

Whatever it is you love about this season, may that be your focus and your moments filled with joy.


One thought on “Hustle and Bustle, or not

  1. A beautiful cup of consciousness changing tea – how needed, how refreshing!
    Wish there could be a section on Yahoo that would carry consciousness expanding, and awakening thoughts like these ! As we birth the “new day”, the “new dawn” of a world of God reality where people are lovingly and consciously creating a new world, perhaps this will be born in the media allowing more hearts and lives can to be blessed. Sending love and gratitude! Mom

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