The Season of Love

It’s Christmas season in our house. Twinkly lights glimmer and the smell of Christmas cookies fills the air. Playtime, giggles and snowmen crafts fill our days. This is the season of hope and love.

This could be a tough season if a person looked at it that way. Sad stories in the news, hurts from the past, unknowns of the future. But to me this is the season of magic. When amazing things happen that have no explanation. When people seem kinder and more open to goodness in themselves and others.

Recently, I was reading this book “The 5 Love languages”. It brought to mind how many ways we can choose to show our love. The theory is that we each have a preferred ways of giving and receiving love. The 5 love languages are…Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Giving Gifts, and Quality Time.

It occurs to me that in this season, there is so much goodness in our midst, so much hope. For me it has been neighbors filling grocery bags for the homeless families in our kids school. It has been Christmas carols sung by my children, candlelight labyrinths, and the many hands it takes to make the world a better place, everyday. These inspirations show me that hope is real and that love surrounds us. There are so many ways to express love to one another. Hugs, playing board games, baking cookies, giving gifts and saying “I love you”.  As they say, “Baby, it’s cold outside.” So whatever your language of love is, share it freely so that this season will be filled with hope, love and warmth.


One thought on “The Season of Love

  1. Thank you once again for a most delightful, inspiring, healing, warm and cozy, conscioius-expanding cup of tea. I am so grateful !

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