Get movin’ or stay stuck

My brain has been stuck on repeat. Do you ever get stuck replaying the same thoughts in your head, like when the cd skips over and over and over? That has been me for the last little while. It’s natural after a breakup…but it’s getting old. “Does he still think about me?” “Remember that cute thing he used to do?” Blah, blah, blah… So distracting, keeping me stuck and not moving forward in any direction. Bleh.

Thank goodness for girlfriends, they are the best. Some of them drag my butt out to dance. Others remind me when I want to relapse. Still others give positive affirmations reminding me of what I said I wanted.
So what do I want? Good question. I have been so focused what I wanted with this other person that I kind of forgot what I want. (Red flag girl, don’t lose your bearings in a relationship. Staying grounded is vital because nobody wants to be with someone who looses herself in a relationship, not me or my partner.) “But, but… he was so great and I thought we were going to change the world together,” says the inside of me. “Girl,” I say to myself, “It’s gonna be ok, heartbreaks get better, time to get movin’.”
So I am going to stop writing mopey poetry and move. For me that takes the shape of Yoga, Zumba, organizing my desk, reaching out instead of retreating. Even when I don’t think I can, I will keep moving. Because its either that or stay stuck, and stuck just doesn’t look that good on me.
So back to what do I want and what am I going to do about it. Hmm… I want outside time with friends, time to read, paint, write, have tea with my mom and be the tickle monster with my kids for starters.
Whatever habit, breakup, or situation you are moving on from, take some wisdom from that little engine that could, she was really on to something… I think I can, I think I can… It’s going to get better and in fact it’s going to be spectacular. By spending time doing things that you love, you are creating a life that you love, right now. And the other stuff? It will work itself out one way or the other. So get moving, I am!


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