Be the change, embrace who you are.

For a long time I have been saying “Be the Change”. What the does that really mean? To me it means activists, revolutionaries, nonprofit workers and ordinary people, do something to make the world a better place. Take action, and by each of us doing something, the world will become a better place.

That is all true… And, you can promote being the change all day long to others, but ultimately the only one you can change is yourself. It starts with you.

And that is all true. But what if there is nothing we need to change about ourselves. I know, I know as a self help junkie myself this could seem like crazy talk. And if alcoholism, unhealthy relationships or anger fill up your days then that is something that should be looked at. But in general, what if instead we view ourselves as whole unique intricate beings, each made similar but different, like the design of a snowflake.
So if we are perfect just the way we are, and we don’t have to be thinner, smarter, more compassionate, then what?
I’m enjoying reading “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Riso and Hudson. Their theory is that each of us is primarily one of the nine basic personality types. We grow spiritually and psychologically by honoring who we are, our particular makeup, utilizing our gifts and becoming aware of the challenges we are prone to. I find this intriguing. It feels honoring and not another thing we need to fix.

For example, I appear to be “The Helper”. Helpers love to be helpful in any and every way, providing advice, giving time and talents, sharing with others. It truly makes us happy to see others lives enriched because of something we were able to do or say. On the other hand… Helpers put their needs last. Or they don’t even know they have needs until after they are completely exhausted. So honoring our needs is something to be aware of as we help others. Many counselors, nonprofit workers, parents, and clergy fall into this category.
When I read this, it really made sense. I have struggled with boundaries and self-neglect for the sake of a good cause or someone else’s needs for a long time. Somehow reading about this helped me to see it in a new light. Like if this is one of the challenges I have to deal with to make my heart sing, so be it! Why not embrace it instead of resisting, being embarrassed, or ignoring it. And then build in time to self nurture and not compare myself to others who are made of a different snowflake design, they have their own issues to work with.
So after a full day of The Children’s Museum, lunch out, errands, playdates and cleaning I will get all snuggled up and read. And shine the light on me for a little while because that’s what I do to balance my love of helping wherever and whenever I can. That’s how I can Be the Change, by embracing who I am. How will you Be the Change today?


One thought on “Be the change, embrace who you are.

  1. That’s it “embracing who I AM”! In the bible, Moses asked the burning bush “who do you say that you are?” He received the answer “I Am That I Am”!
    Being who we truly are has to be the greatest gift we can give back to God, and to those we have been blessed to love in this world. Life can be that simple and that magnificent.
    I love the symbol of a snowflake, the intricacy of its design, and the analogy of us all carrying such unique patterns of God identity into this world. (Spiritual beings having human experiences).
    Your book sounds like one I should read. My mom was always busy helping, I don’t remember seeing her ever sit down to read. It sounds like you are finding wonderful resources, and it must be powerful for your daughter to see that you love yourself so much you take special time to curl up and read. I love it!
    Powerful modeling, and footprints in the sands of time!

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