Vision, remembered

248893_551366214880118_394759242_nA long time ago, in a far away place, there lived a soul similar to mine. I say similar because I feel her essence in moments of my days.

She studied the basics of reading and arithmetic, but anytime she could, she moved towards philosophy, art, geography and maps of any kind. She studied Buddha with her morning tea, the traditions of South Africa under the Willow tree and daydreamed of far off places and love.

She dreamt in hues of turquoise and magenta, she smelled of fresh jasmine and she breathed poetry to life.

Her essence flows through those moments to this one.

Today she holds a paintbrush with me, adds love and spice to a colorful meal, and holds the vision of far off places and love.

I forgot her for quite awhile and now, I remember.


One thought on “Vision, remembered

  1. Love this – thank you! Yes, memories of previous incarnations float in, bringing dimensions of these souls we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime, hopefully hearing and healing their wounds, as only we can, and bringing their unique tapestries of talents and sparkles into our lives here and now. Such a vast universe in these bodies, minds and hearts we wear here for a while. Someday we’ll graduate from this earth school room and receive new assignments from the heaven world. In the meantime, there is so much to give, as we leave our one-of-a-kind snowflake patterns upon the pathwawy of life. And if we forget our majesty and largeness of spirit from time to time, as we continue to heal and raise up our humanness, we simply remember, and once again ride our chariot of divine identity, trailing patterns of stardust and snowflakes of blessing.

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