New Year’s Eve past and present

“What are you going to wear?!” I say to my friend as we get ready for New Year’s Eve. We loved to get all done up and go out on the town! This year we were headed to Pier 70 on the Seattle Waterfront for a rockin’ good time. We will meet up with our posse there, then stumble home in the wee hours talking about some cute guy we met and then sleep til 1pm the next day.

Fast forward (more than a few years) to this New Year’s Eve. The original plan was… to sleepover at our friends house, 3 grown-ups, 5 kids and 2 dogs. My friend emailed the menu, which included your choice of…
1. scallops
2. lamb chops
3. filet mignon roast
4. tilapia or catfish filets
5. steamed manila clams,
plus grilled veggies and kid food like gluten free mac n cheese. We were sooooo excited.
Until, my 5 year old said his tummy hurt. He has been sleeping in my bed or on my lap all day. Poor guy. My other 2 kiddos have found out that “necessity is the mother of invention”. My daughter baked Gluten Free Peppermint Chocolate Chip cookies, from scratch… For the first time ever. Seriously, and I am not joking here, the best cookies, ever. My oldest son, who loves to be home, spent hours with Legos. He even stood up to his mom who apparently sounded grumpy when she suggested he do something for himself because she was a 5 year old’s couch. Good job little man, you were right, welcome to using your voice!
And so, we will spend New Year’s Eve at home. And, that’s ok. The priorities in my life have clearly shifted. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world, my sleeping sweetie is right by my side. That’s how we feel as parents, we have the honor of feeling a love so big and it will change our life and priorities forever.
As people clink glasses tonight and kiss their loved ones, I will kiss my little guy’s sweet forehead and know that my cup is full of love and this is going to be a wonderful year. Happy New Year to everyone.


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