Chronicles of a female superhero – Can I have a story?

We meet our heroine late on a cold winter night. Her superhero costume freshly laundered, she is ready for action. Her disguise might look like pajamas to some, but oh no, be aware, they have special powers.

During the day, our heroine disguises herself as a development director. Little does the supportive community know that by day she raises community resources,  by night she raises…children.

So back to the evening at hand. It was a Friday night, also known as sit-on-your-rear-and-veg-out-after-a-long-week or “Movie Night” as the kids know it. Our heroine made a delectable meal of cheese pizza and gluten free pizza, she baked raspberry-banana-blueberry bread for dessert, she bathed children. Being the superhero she is, she scoured the clearance rack and brought back new clothes for them to try on.

As the light faded and the dishes were done, and the pajamas were on and the teeth brushed, the little one said, “Can I have a story?” Her first thought was, “Are you kidding me? I am going to fall asleep standing up, like a horse!” But instead she said, “I need one minute by myself honey.” Changed into her superhero costume, she exhaled and jumped into action. “Noah’s Ark” had never seen such a skilled linguist. Her tone changes and exclamations mixed with her master snuggling moves, put the young one into a deep and restful sleep. As our superhero kissed his sweet head, she thought to herself, “another mission well done”.

And moments later, our superhero, fell right asleep with him.


One thought on “Chronicles of a female superhero – Can I have a story?

  1. Soooooooo precious. Such a tribute to the overcoming, victorious, “can do”, “will do”, fire of transcendent divine identity, that moves right through the illusions of “it’s impossible” to create a world of magic, possibiity, and to leave footprints on these young hearts of the mighty God presence we are, living in the midst of the human challenges and opportunities of being spiritual beings in a human world.
    Very inspiring, and very large and life-changing footprints, to leave in the sands of time !!

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