Tater tots save the day

tots2 (1)Another day, another dollar…raised for the community. This morning started very early. I woke up feeling kind of crummy, and thought, “well, this day ought to be interesting.” One of the first things I heard was a voice mail from a very unhappy customer. They were very displeased and very vocal in sharing that information. It ruffled my feathers. But I went on with my day. I promoted our new volunteer online matching service, coordinated a tour of local nonprofit agencies, planned a fundraiser, grabbed soup for lunch, coordinated new workplace presentations, wrangled board members, and by 3 o’ clock , I was toast.

I came home early and feel asleep, hard. Waking up 10 minutes before kid pickup time, still feeling crummy, I put on four layers of clothes and hit the road! Kid pickups can be anything from super lovey and sweet to the “why are you here so early?”. Tonight we had no screaming or tantrums large enough to measure. Instead we had artwork for mama, stories for mama and “mama, what did the buffalo say to his son when he went away on a long trip? …. Bison.” So cool.

Arriving home with the kids, I open the freezer for inspiration. There in the bottom, forgotten between the peas and corn, I found…tater tots. Hello crunchy balls of goodness, I thought. I baked them, made eggs to go with and ta-da, dinner of champions. We ate and vegged out. Baths were taken, phone calls answered and at some point I realized, I was feeling better. Thank goodness for tater tots, they are magic. Or more likely, it’s what they symbolize…comfort, warmth,  and mellowness. Sometimes that’s just what you need.

The kids and I snuggled and laughed and I tucked them into bed. Another day in the life of this family. It turns out, it was a pretty good day after all.


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