Opening the present

Life can feel uncertain. At times we might feel a rustling if new ideas, or maybe our direction unexpectedly changes. This can be unsettling, scary even. As with any new adventure, you are setting out in a new direction, the unknown.

In times like these, when things can feel out of control, I go back to the basics and remind myself of what I know to be true. One truth I know is that the universe and life are good. Fundamentally good. And if that is true then whatever step I take into uncertainty is good too.

If you have a sense that your job, housing, travel adventure or spiritual direction wants to change, one of my favorite practices is to be curious. Being curious to me allows playfulness and adventure to enter into a situation that could be seen as concerning or serious. Getting to know our new possibilities then becomes more lighthearted. And from there we can get to know the new space unfolding, ask questions, listen in stillness. We can also be ok not knowing for a little while while the process unfolds.

Our brains will try and control, bargain or suggest directions, it’s a natural part if the process. When these ideas arise, I gently thank them and gently ask them to step aside. The picture of what’s next will be fuzzy at first, and that’s ok, as it comes closer, the shapes and designs will become noticeable.

We all have an inner knowing that knows exactly the right next step. And this one took me awhile… you have permission to explore what you *want* to do, not just want you *need* to do, for the world, your family, etc. For a long time I saw so much need in the world that I thought my job was to change it. The truth is, yes there is a lot of need in the world, and it’s ok to want things for myself, that bring me joy from the inside of me. It’s ok to want to paint, write, take a vacation. So add that in the mix when you are being curious…what to I want? What makes you come alive? And give yourself permission to hear the answers.

As you move through a time of uncertainty, trust in the goodness that is life and open this gift.
I have a feeling that it will be something outside if the bounds of your current imagination. Open it up and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Opening the present

  1. So excellent and perceptive! Both in acknowledging and seeing the natural “shades of grey” in new circumstances as the many factors continue unfold and the process isn’t all crystal clear yet, and in feeling the “pole star” of the compass of God reality. When it points north, which for me is when my heart and mind and in alignment and connected to my God identity, then I know my ship is sailing in the right direction regardless of whether I see the whole picture clearly yet, particularly in new cycles just beginning.

    Our bliss seems to be a vital key to not only our happiness, but also our right direction in life. When I do something that is so joyful for me that “time disappears” I know I’m in that space, and it is truly magical. For me that arena is “service” in the form of receiving prayer requests from people and going to my altar and making “calls” (prayers spoken outloud to the angels and Masters in heaven) on their behalf. I feel the universe is pregnant with so many forms of God reality – the stars in all their magnificent places, the tiny dewdrop on the leaf of a plant, the light in children’s eyes, and on goes the incredible tapestry of God reality around me. I feel that a key to my playing my rightful part in all of this is hearing my heart (which for me is the altar of my being and the place where God dwells in this dimension of form). When my heart is happy and I’m experiencing the bliss where time and space disappear I’m in a space that feels like my rightful place in this world. It’s a place where my greatest joy can manifest, and that is to be able to be a blessing. When I came into this earth for this embodiment (having been here so many times before), I felt I was given a key in quiet words which have been the key to my mission in this life – simply “Be a Blessing”.
    How much our creator loves us! How grateful I am to be here as this world turns away from the shadows that have manifested into the light and brilliant star in the heavens that it was designed to be. One of my deep and great joys is knowing someone with the beauty and light I experience flowing forth from who you are – a being of great wisdom, kindness, depth, and inner and outer beauty. Truly one of the stars in God’s heaven here on earth! God bless you for so shining, and sharing your walk to help illumine the path for others!

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