What do you want today to be?

Grey and pressured or gentle and loving, what do you want today to be? It’s really your choice. I had the opportunity to spent yesterday in bed with a cold. Sleeping off and in all day. This morning awakening, I have a sense of great thankfulness and purpose. This life is so precious, and we choose how to spend it.
For a long time, I was in survival mode, just happy to get through the day as a single parent. Now, something new wants to emerge. I don’t know it’s exact name, but I sense it coming into awareness.
This new space feels like it is about getting to know what I want. What makes me uniquely who I am, and then spending time being that.
It’s so easy to spend this life carelessly. Wasting moments watching tv, or focused on other people’s issues so much that the part of ourselves that wants to sing, our own unique song, never gets a voice.
I have been a singer for a long time. I have sung in countries all over the world. Those experiences were incredible, and now it feels like its time to put down the sheet music and sing my own song.
Strong and true, like I don’t care who is listening, those notes we can all hit in the shower.
Given that this day will never come again, in exactly the same way, who do you want to be today? What sound does your heart want you to sing out loud?
Going back to work today I am wearing bright purple tights, because I want to, they go with the song I am singing.
What is your song to sing today?


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