We are the people and the time is now

It is the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday today. His words call me often, but today I take an extra moment to reflect on his wisdom. A man of great vision and love, without whom our country could still be divided. I am thankful for so many things about him and one of them is bravery. He could have said, “I’m going to let someone else handle this situation” but he didn’t. He knew he was the one and his time was right then.

In a situation like he found himself, what an act of faith. We can learn so much from him. How he inspired, changed, challenged, held a vision and a belief in truth and justice. It would have been so easy for him to give up, get tired, get the flu, get discouraged, and set down his mission. But he kept on.

How many of us feel that? Like we are not good enough, bright enough, secure enough to do something special. What would I say if one of my kids said that to me?!? I would put my book down and spend the next however long it took to share with them what I see, that they are powerful beyond measure.

Sometimes we all forget, we are made of the stars. Dr. King’s legacy reminds me. He reminds me to believe even when I don’t feel like it. Or remember to believe when I forget. Believe in what? Well that is different for everyone, but for me I believe in goodness, love, family, faith, equality, bright colors, and blue skies. As I read Dr. King quotes throughout the day, it occurs to me that we all have a spark similar to his. Sometimes we don’t realize just how blessed we are to be here and now. In this situation, with these challenges/gifts. With the spark that is in us. Perhaps you are meant to be a painter, writer, doctor, parent, coach, or teacher. Whatever it is that is in you, that calls to you, answer that call. You don’t have to be better, older, more financially secure. You just have to be brave. Sensible is also a good choice… Meaning, I would not recommend starting a cupcakery when you can’t pay the mortgage, but you sure can learn how to make the perfect cupcake.

We all have a gift, a mission, a spark. Some are activists, some do random acts of kindness, others raise thoughtful kids, some write books that inspire thousands. We don’t have to wait. We don’t have to wait and wish for someone else to come along. We are the people that the world has been waiting for. We are inspired by the bravery of those that have gone before us. And because they have lived their truth, we can too. We can pick up the pencil, excel spreadsheet, baking pan, and do what is ours to do. Live our gift. We are the people and the time is now.


4 thoughts on “We are the people and the time is now

  1. I love your deep, passionate plee that we all take to heart the wisdom and example Dr King provided us. It’s like, even though he was a virtual Demi-god and real Nobel Prize winner, you made him down to earth and made his lessons real. Thank you! Keep going.

  2. Amen!
    Amen to truth, fulfilling our missions, remembering the powerful spiritual beings that we are!
    Wishing your tea could be sent to all tea shops throughout the land as a booklet of inspirations to help spark their cup of tea!
    Loving you!
    Grateful for your radiant, honest, loving, courageous, inspiring presence in my life!

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