Migraine basketball

Nothing says slow it down and notice who loves you like a four day migraine. I have been so tired and frustrated with this. It’s stress related, I see that and I just want to kick it’s butt. My wise self says are bodies hold a lot of wisdom. My not as wise self wants to slam dunk my head through the basketball hoop until it stops hurting.
In times like this, when I get over myself, I eventually check in with my body and ask what wisdom it wants to share. I don’t exactly have a read on that because I still want to play basketball with my noggin.

But if I was going to notice something, I might start with my stress level. New job, hmm, kid meltdowns high, hmm, amount of down time, not so much, hmm. I wonder if there is something to be learned from this situation…

The thing is, the schedule is just the way it is right now. But with whatever the situation is, we all have a choice about how we think about it. Sometimes we can observe our thoughts, like a little bird on the shoulder. Other times we aren’t even aware we are doing something. For example tightening our shoulders more in each meeting, so by the time you get to a weekend you have a migraine, you know just as an example.

So, here comes the tricky part, changing. It’s not really tricky but it is about setting an intention. Time to move from autopilot to in charge of the operation little mama. And the first item on the agenda is resting up and trusting people that love me to show up. My honey came over today, and instead of being the hostess with the mostest, I let him help like he is always suggesting. Quite a concept right?! He made lunch for 4 kids and 3 adults. He took the kids in the back yard and made forts for hours. All while I slept. And then…he thanked me. For listening to my body, and allowing him to be involved, he loved it. Hmm.

Sometimes we don’t know how much someone loves us until we say yes to ourselves, our self care and trusting in them.

When I woke up, I felt so much better. I know I still have work to do with stress so this doesn’t happen again. I’m starting with taking more breaks and trusting the people that love me. Funny, I think I have this migraine to thank, it shut down my busy long enough to open my eyes. I’m thankful.


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