Spring cleaning.

Fall 2012 023It’s spring. Well, sort of. Depending on the moment around here. It’s raining, then sunny, then hailing, then sunny… you get the idea. As the season changes and figures itself out, so do we. We put away our winter sweaters, and buy yellow tee-shirts. We change the pillows in our living room from the deep red plush pillows, to flower patterned turquoise and peach. We turn in the stew recipes and break out the veggie fare.

I love to watch the seasons change. From my front window, witnessing the earth’s design is one of my favorite rituals. The leaves fall, then the snow comes, then it warms up and new growth emerges,  then warmth covers the land and things grow…then it starts all over again. Brilliant!

As I put my sweaters away and sift through my seed packets, I feel spring’s newness in the air. It smells fresh. I welcome this season with open arms.

As part of my seasonal ritual before I pack everything away, I take a moment to notice the heaviness of the winter, it’s almost gone but not quite yet. First, it occurs to me, that it has a few more things to say, before it fades into memory. What does the winter want you to take a look at before you walk into the spring? Are their old thoughts or patterns that you are carrying around like a woolen sweater?

I had a couple of good thoughts pop up today. Unknown until now, they made me itch and sweat like a that sweater on a spring day. First, I found them irritating, wrestling around and making me uncomfortable. Then as I sat with them, and was present with them, I noticed that I was not a victim to my discomfort, I had the power to change my circumstance. So, I took that big thing off. And, let me tell ya, the spring air on my skin feels marvelous. The old thoughts taken off, I thank them and then open to discover what spring’s newness has to offer. A lot, me thinks.

As you transition to the newness of spring, take a moment to remove your layers of old thoughts and patterns. Spring clean your essence so that you my walk into spring new, open and ready.

Happy spring cleaning!


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