New Reality, manifested

Today had a theme. Not like St. Patrick’s Day or “Where jeans to work day.” It was more subtle than that.

It started with a very “out of sorts” child, who was feeling like everything was bad. Then I went to work and had, let’s just say a challenging day. When I picked up kids after school, 1 told me I was annoying, the other stamped his feet and grumbled and the other asked me then they could get something they wanted. My dinner guest for the evening was very problem focused.

By the end of the night, we were officially in grumpville, all of us. As I listened to my child holler, grump and blame, I remembered we have a superpower as humans. We can change attitudes! I suggested this idea but to no avail…

So I pulled out the thankful card. I just started listing things I was thankful for…blue sky, dinner, kids, basketball, etc. Eventually, my grumpy little friend thought of three things he was thankful for, and SHAZAM! he was smiling again.

We decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We talked about problems vs. solutions and what made us feel happier. We talked about what it felt like in our bodies when we or others were grumpy. We talked about hopes and happy thoughts. By the end of our walk we were singing and holding hands. It was magic.

All this is to say, how much of our time do we spend focusing on the problem? The news? Don’t even get me started. The economy, the thing that needs to be fixed, on and on we can go. Unless we engage our visioning and superpowers.

Tonight when we came home we manifested a new house for ourselves. It has big windows, trees, skylights and love, lots of it. What is it that you really want? A new job, significant other, wardrobe, situation, etc. Whatever it is, give yourself the permission to dream. To breathe life into that vision and see it manifest in your life.

We have the power to focus on what we want, instead of the problem. And the more we practice this, the better we get, the more peacefulness we feel and the more we can see our kids using their superpowers to change their attitudes. That is pretty awesome.


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