The Great Unknown

Lupine Meadow, DawnHave you ever experienced the feeling that something is going to change, but you just don’t see clearly what’s next? That is part of my current experience and man, can it be challenging. A person can feel discouraged, lost, afraid, impatient, excited, hopeful and brave. It feels like you are stuck on the elevator between where you just were and the new location. In limbo.

We all have ways we work through things, one of mine is writing and sharing. But sometimes, when things are really at a stand still, I need to pull out the big strengthening tools. Not the needle nose pliers or the small screwdriver but the big ass wrench and the drill.

One of my tool is to pray. Humbly, with reverence to God, Spirit, Buddha, the Earth, whatever connects you to love, goodness and the gift of life. I give great thanks, I acknowledge that I don’t know the answer and I ask respectfully for guidance. I may not feel completely enlightened when I am done, but I do feel more peaceful, connected and aware that I am enfolded with love.

Another big tool I enjoy is moving it – taking action on what I can influence. That pile of papers bigger than a breadbox is no match for this gal. Don’t get me started on the kids clothes that need to go to Goodwill, they are outta here!

Another tool, slightly more challenging to work with but very effective is just being with the unknown. Befriending it even. “Yep, I don’t know the next step and that’s OK. I might not like it, but it’s still OK.”

We can judge things so easily sometimes as bad or challenging or unfair. Or we can see them as neutral, as they are without our “opinion” about them. I find seeing the situation “as it is” to be freeing. It makes room for new spaces to open up in us instead of being married to our pre-conceived notions of how we “think” it should be.

So if you find yourself in “the great unknown”, not sure what to do next, remember your tools, you’ve got them, they might just be a little buried somewhere. Your welcome to borrow mine as well, I am very fond of them and find them very helpful. Remember “the great unknown” is just another stop on the way to the next place and it is all part of this journey called life.


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