The remarkable human spirit

Stories weave threads throughout our lives. The stories of our friends and family, our own, and even those of strangers touch, inform and change us.

We tell stories for a lot of reasons and have done so as humans for thousands of years. We share histories, values, lessons, pains, triumphs and rites of passage.

Witnessing someone’s story is a sacred honor, in my opinion. The listener has been chosen to hear, reflect, honor and validate the story they hear. And, the listener might not know this but listening will change them, just a little bit.

Tonight I had the opportunity to be a listener. Someone shared with me a story about a health situation with her child. Her feelings about it, the details, the challenges. As I listened, I was stuck by how remarkable this woman was, her family and her story. I felt honored that she choose me.

As I went about my evening, I kept thinking about this experience, in awe at the unshakeable human spirit. Here was this mother who could be broken, and yet she and her child were doing wonderfully. And now she is helping others with the same health condition.


Just when I thought I had the biggest plate with the most challenges on it. Here she comes to show me we all have things to work on, it’s universal.

Tonight I am thankful to this woman who shared her story and who unknowingly became my teacher. She reminded me about the remarkable nature of the human spirit. Thank you.


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