I wanna be

I wanna be the kind of Mother my kids think is firey, silly, strong and loving. Who is their greatest fan and teaches them to uphold our family values of kindness and love.

I want to be the kind of friend who listens and supports when you need it. Who laughs with you and reminds you when you forget you can achieve your dreams.

I want to be the kind of worker who is passionate and focused on creating positive outcomes. Who knows her strengths and weaknesses, and works from a mission of empowerment.

I want to be happy more than I am sad.

I want to create things with words and paints that are beautiful.

Someday I want to travel and show my kids the world.

Right now, I am going to work on reminding myself that I already am these things I want. I don’t have to become them from scratch, I just need to remind myself from time to time. We all do. Life can get us down sometimes. When that happens we can remember what kind of person we want to be. And then? Be that kind of friend to ourselves.


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