“Mama, am I glowing?”

At bedtime tonight my youngest child broke open a glow stick. It splattered all over him and he said, “Mama, am I glowing?” After rushing him into the bathroom and de-glowing him. I said, “Yes honey, you are!” I giggled to myself as I put my little glowing boy to bed.

It definitely got me thinking about how much we glow, especially our children. (Especially noticeable when they are covered with a glow stick). They sparkle, they just do. As grown ups we can get covered up with worries, tragedies, lost hopes and aches and pains.

What if we remembered our sparkle? That joy that bubbles up from inside ourselves and is contagious to others.

What if we consciously set about to share more joy with each other? What if the news focused on positive, uplifting stories instead of pain and fear? What could our world and therefore our experience look like then?

I challenge us to focus on what makes us happy. To write it down. Post it throughout your house and then… Do something about it.

Eating fresh food makes me happy. Especially if it is bright colors and locally grown. For breakfast today I made a spinach, red pepper, asparagus omelette. It was gorgeous. And the happy I felt in enjoying that meal was delightful.

We think that happiness is out there. That we can’t because of our situation. I can barely do what is in front of me people think sometimes. But the truth is the big movements start with small actions. What small action can you take that will move you in the direction of your goal? You can call a graduate program for information, check ticket prices for that vacation you want to take, talk a walk, take action towards something you want.

Because the truth is, as my youngest son reminded me, we are all glowing. And if that’s the case, what little thing will you do to increase your joy? The world wants to see you shine.


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