Mountain climber

sky treeIt turns out I’m a mountain climber. It’s funny because I haven’t climbed a literal mountain in a long time. But these hands and feet are trail worn. That’s for certain.

I didn’t set out to be a mountain climber. It happened more by accident. A few years ago I was meandering merrily along a trail noticing how smooth the path was, when suddenly, I stumbled into a valley called divorce taking my thee kids with me. It was dark, scary and we didn’t know our way. Surrounded by huge cliffs, I saw no foreseeable path or signs marking my way.

I knew I needed to do something because among other things I am a mother, and that’s what we do. I needed to find a way, I needed to find safety and security for my family. And so I started out, one foot in front of the other, upward, on steep terrain, through creek bottoms, around massive boulders, over fallen logs, I moved. There were times when I saw a glimpse of where I was going, and other moments where I saw nothing but forest through the trees.

As mountain climbers, we say things to ourselves to keep us moving along the path, “you’ve got this” and “I think I can”. But there are a lot of other motivations when things get hard, if we are paying attention. The smile of little one, a flower opening for the first time, the sky as it welcomes the day, the strength of the tree that supports its growth, the outstretched hand of a friend. I have seen so many things on this journey, some challenging and others breathtaking.

But here is the biggest thing that I have noticed. I can. I can climb this mountain, I have been doing it for a long time and I know a lot more where I am going than I did before. And I won’t stop until I reach where I am meant to be. That might be a lifetime, if it is, that’s OK because the scenery is beautiful and the company of my three children is the biggest gift I can ever imagine.

I bet you are a mountain climber too, in your own way.  From one climber to another…. You Can.


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