Recipe for grumpy to fab

Grump. There is a lot going on in the world and in our own lives these days. The news, the to do list the “should do” pile, it can turn us into grumpsters if we let it.

This morning my crew came down to breakfast late (after a thousand reminders), we rushed through breakfast and ran for the bus. I grumped at my kids for being late, and so starts our day. Great.

Yesterday was back to back meetings, and no time for a lunch break. When we got home, everyone needed attention at the same time. One couldn’t remember how to wash his hair in the bath, one HAD to sing me a song RIGHT THEN, another one had been procrastinating homework, and needed my help right then too. Meanwhile, mama needed a break. I didn’t get one but went to bed early.

Now it’s the next day. I’m grumpy, I didn’t get my needs met and I have a full day in front of me. What to do?

In situations like these, I remind myself to breathe.

I wear red so I can pretend I have all the energy I need until I actually do.

I sit in my car for 10 minutes and write this before I go into the office.

I clear time around my lunch for a walk.

I make a (realistic) to do list.

And I let go of yesterday and this morning to make room for this moment. This might be the hardest one. Letting go of my frustration of the last 24 hrs instead of carrying it around in a grumpy backpack into today.

Whatever your situation is, remember the rituals you have for yourself. The things that you know get you from grumpy to fab… eventually. And then put them into practice. Today is the only day, just like this, that we are ever going to have, live it well.


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