Making tough decisions

We make decisions all the time. Little ones like what’s for dinner or what to wear to work. Big decisions like saying yes or no to a job or relationship.

I’ve been noodling recently on the process of making decisions. Some people jump both feet into a new decision. Others don’t choose and then indecision makes a choice for them. And then there are those that like the middle ground, moving in the direction of a idea and assessing along the way.

A friend of mine coined the term “Inspired Actions” which I would define as – an action grounded in your truth that moves you in the direction you want to go. For example, I heard about an organization whose mission really feeds my soul and I think I might want to work there someday, so I volunteer at their event or have lunch with a colleague that knows someone there.

Some of us are quick and others can be a slow decision makers, especially when it comes to big decisions. I like to check out the water temp before diving in. Most of the time that works well for me, as I can be slow to warm up to an idea but then totally in. These are mostly big decisions like relationships, work, school.

Then there are the spontaneous decisions like buying Michael Franti concert tickets on the spot or booking the camping trip even though you’ve never heard of the state park. These are fun choices and pretty low risk.

In my experience, it’s way easier to make decisions to add something new but harder to choose to let go. Sure if it’s bad for you for some clear reason then that’s easier. It’s when there are really good parts that it becomes tough. Like you love your coworkers and the work you do but you need to move on to make more money for your family. Or the relationship where you love someone and they match you in many ways but you can’t seem to make it work. Those are the tough ones.

At some point you just have to call it. Make a choice, flip a coin, say yes or no and move on. You might not like it but “stuck” doesn’t look good on anyone.

Then you can release it, knowing that you have made the best possible decision in this moment. Then move into the next moment and see what it has to offer. It has opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. Believe.


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