Get up and dance

I had a tough day yesterday. Nothing big, just tired, a full agenda and a bit lonesome. It happens, no biggie. I texted a friend for moral support and asked her what she does when she feels blue, not surprising knowing her, she said dance.

I felt sorry for myself because I couldn’t join her right then. It was after work, I was picking up kids and we had soccer and groceries, meaning we were getting home about 8pm.

I woke up today with new energy after a good rest and realized how right she was. Dance. Seriously, shake it up. You don’t need to have time to see a fun band or join a class. Just move your body in the grocery store or lay down done fresh moves in the car at the stop light. Take charge of your funk and turn it into funky!

So that will be me today. I’ll be that gal rockin’ in the mini-van and twirling in the produce aisle. Why? Because I want to and sometimes life can feel too serious. When it does? Get up and dance!


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