Cloudy with a chance of awesome

In Olympia, WA we see a lot of clouds. It rains quite a bit too and makes our community lush and green. The summers here are spectacular. We live by the ocean and many lakes, so there is always somewhere to play when it gets warm.

I was meditating this morning on the clouds outside my window and wondering about the different ways people have developed to deal with and see past the clouds.

Some mornings it’s cloudier than others. Both outside the window and inside. Maybe we are extra tired or we had a rough day yesterday or we have the Wednesday blahs. Whatever the reason, we still have a chance for awesome. If we let the blahs run our experience, we might never get things done. I’m not suggesting we ignore the clouds but rather that we don’t have to let them control our experience. There is sun on the other side of the clouds, we just might not currently see it!

It’s cloudy outside this morning, I woke up at 5:30 and have a full day today. And it’s going to be a beautiful day. Why? Because I am going to wear my cute new jeans, I have the opportunity to inspire our board of directors about the direction of our nonprofit, my favorite playlist will be groovin’ while I kiss my kiddos good morning and make a veggie omelette.

And eventually the sun will come out and this day will be awesome. Oh wait, it already is! Happy Wednesday.


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