Walking in the woods

In the Pacific NW, we are blessed with many beautiful forests and hiking trails. Varying shades of green welcome us as we enter the a network of trails that lead us to the ocean. So much beauty to behold and share with my family.

When I was younger, I met hiking through my father’s eyes. An avid hiker and hike leader himself, he led the way on many adventures across the US and Canada. In my memory it was often, “just a bit further” or “around the next bend”. It seemed to take forever!

These days, I want the hike to take forever. Not to be hard, but to be a long meander thorough the gorgeous landscape the trees. When I’m in the woods, I don’t think about my “to do” list or the amount of laundry that will be waiting when I get home. I think about possibilities. As I gaze at the sun radiating through the treetops, how could I not think about possibility. All of these towering trees were once seedlings, and they stretched and grew to reach for the sky.

That’s our work as humans too. To reach out highest potential. It’s so easy to forget and just “try to get by”. But taking a moment in the trees reminds me that we are built for greatness. Sure we get bored, distracted or even über functional, but that’s not where we stop, we need to keep growing in the direction that brings us joy.

Today I remembered, I put away my cell phone, to do list and agenda and gazed upwards towards greatness.


One thought on “Walking in the woods

  1. I love this! That disconnect in the woods is so important. Reading this, I pictured my annual hike to Lower Lena Lake in the Olympics with my grandpa each year until not too long ago. Keep getting those kiddos out to see those trees! xo

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